New blog and a piece of advice

I have so many ideas, that I'm afraid that lifetime is not enough to develop them. Actually, I'm constantly living in a fear that I could die when I'm still in my 20's. That would be such a bummer!

One sleepless night I decided that I'm gonna master everything I hated - including drawing vehicles and backgrounds, which I love to admire in other people's work, but I always felt that I can't manage to draw them in cool and sexy way.

Since I've been professionally illustrating for press and commercially for over 6 years now, I however still have the feeling that I've missed so much. For example, I always wanted to work in cartoons, games and animation. All of these fields may seem to be similar, but require different skill set. And this is what I want to master.

I'm a bit angry at younger Ada, that during my university years I didn't commit myself enough for 3d and video. I guess, that once you got ensured you are talented, you may get somehow lazy. Just don't, it's a trap! Now, I really need these skills to bring my ideas for the next levels. But, it's not the end of the world, I'm following up with tutorials and lots, lots of practise.

It's not that I'm bored with my signature style, it's just I have space for much, much more. I am, technically, ADDICTED TO DRAWING. Works I keep creating can differ so much, that I wouldn't mix them with my editorial works, since these are distant worlds -- still, 100% genuinely mine, but different.

I've started a new tumblr with all my other works, from character design, speedpainting to concept art and such. It's here: pixsh.tumblr.com I'm sloooowly starting to post my non-editorial works there. I will still post WIPs and process here, don't worry.