I'm totally in love with this Artist. She sings perfect, moves perfect and looks absolutely perfect! And she's from New Zealand! Once again, New Zealanders prove they're brilliant. Look for her live perfomances on vimeo, she's breathtaking http://vimeo.com/14841035.


Kimbra was so nice and called me (!) to ask if she can use the fanart as a souvenir poster during her Australian Tour in 2012. And I wanted you to tell that she is uber cool!
This piece was also shown on All play, no work collective Polish illustration exhibition in Pigasus Gallery/Berlin.


Architektura Murator 7/2011

I've illustrated cover for one of the biggest Polish architect magazines Architektura Murator. This is my first cover for a magazine of that huge range. This year's covers theme is Architects and their work. Here - sport club Deski in Warsaw and it's creators.

Szklana pogoda / Posters for TV series

After a long time of silence, I'm posting again! In the meantime I got my BFA in Graphic Design. Here is the diploma project. It's a series of posters for western TV shows imported to Poland after collapse of People's Republic.

There were also illustrations and short descriptions for each poster. Examples here.