Marzec miesiącem konkursów

Lately I've participated in two graphic contests. I do not usualy do this, because I freak out every time when it comes to rivalry. But I was pretty bored.
In Crunchips' contest I won a prize of the week and got Nintendo Wii! Oh, and this is the neon-phase I'm trying at the moment.




Res Publica Nowa 11-12/2010

Illustrations for Res Publica Nowa quarterly. 

The Bookfacebook

This is my Bookfacebook. A project for the illustration class. It's inspired by Facebook's groups and fanpages. The subtitle of the book is Before there was Facebook I thought that I'm unique.

Every page is an illustration for a very quirky and personalized statements, which are at the same time the names of the Facebook fanpages. The idea was to point out in a funny way, how many people (thousands for every statement) are just as weird and unique as we are.