Holiday 2011!


Dear Friends, I wish you lazy Holidays and successful New Year! You can download printable card here. Besitos!

Najdrożsi! Z okazji Świąt, albo nadchodzącego Nowego Roku, albo i tego, i tego - w zależności, co lubicie obchodzić - życzę Wam samych słodkości. Jak zawsze, bo słodycze dają życie. Przesyłam buziaczki z moją nową szminką w kolorze magenty! Tutaj możecie sobie ściągnąć kartkę w jakości do druku. Ściągajcie!


Radiowy Kabaret Starszych Panów


Illustrated CD box for radio edition of Old Gentlemen's Cabaret - very famous Polish TV cabaret from 50's/60's by Jerzy Wasowski and Jeremi Przybora. PZL Agency with The Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Wraz z Agencją PZL i Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego zrobiłam ilustrowaną oprawę do specjalnego, radiowego wydania Kabaretu Starszych Panów. Kolekcja będzie składała się z 4 boxów o wspólnym motywie rysunkowym. Poniżej zdjęcia boxu nr 1, już dostępnego w sprzedaży. Oby więcej tak przyjemnych wyzwań!


Projekt Roku - nominacja!

I'm happy to inform that I've been nominated by Association of Applied Graphic Designers (STGU) to Project of the Year - Polish Graphic Competition in Debut category for my illustration projects. Yay! The exhibition of nominee's projects starts 17th December in Warsaw.



Wprost 47/2011

Illustration for an article about the work of personal shoppers.

Divine is my favourite word in English

I've been trying to draw some Christmas Cards... but Devil said: Lol, NO!

CWISZN 1-2/2011

Series of illustrations for Cwiszn, a Polish quarterly about Yiddish art and literature.


Wprost 39/2011

For Wprost weekly, illustrations for an article about domestic violence by women what is still a taboo.


K MAG nr 33

Illustration for article about one of a kind of Polish "country" music.


Pracownia Ludica №2

Poster and flyers for Spanish/Polish theater project Pracownia Ludica №2. 21st October in Madrid



New Chaos exhibition. ILLO and Friends continue their trip around the Globe, this time we are in Katowice (Silesia, Poland). Opening: 10.X., 18:00

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=226802664040946

ILLO: Ada Buchholc, Janek Dziaczkowski, Tymek Jezierski, Paweł "Pejot" Jońca, Bartek "Arobal" Kociemba, Mateusz Kołek, Agata "Endo" Nowicka,Tomasz Walenta Guests: Magda Antoniuk, Agata Dudek, Anna Czarnota, Jan Feliks Kallwejt, Marta Konarzewska, Ola Niepsuj, Maciej Sieńczyk, Ola Waliszewska, Magda Wolna.

Beautiful poster by Arobal


ALL PLAY, NO WORK / Polish contemporary illustration exhibition in Berlin

If you're lucky enough to stay in Berlin between 25th Aug and 2nd Sep., you need to visit All play, no work exhibition in Pigasus Gallery! We are very nice illustrators.

"ALL PLAY, NO WORK is the first exhibition organized by the Warsaw based illustrators agency ILLO. Foundresses, Agata "Endo" Nowicka and Maria Zaleska, represent the most interesting and versatile artists of the young generation of Polish illustrators. These young artists, deprived of complexes, boldly conquer the world gaining increased recognition. The collection of works show a cross-section of different styles, sensitivity and aesthetics. Artists: Ada Buchholc, Arobal, Edgar Bąk, Dominik Cymer, Agata Dudek, Janek Dziaczkowski, Endo, Tymek Jezierski, Paweł Jońca, Mateusz Kołek, Patryk Mogilnicki, Ola Niepsuj, Tomek Sadurski, Maciej Sieńczyk, Tomasz Walenta"

Attend on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=164359093639681

Beautiful poster by Tymek Jezierski



I'm totally in love with this Artist. She sings perfect, moves perfect and looks absolutely perfect! And she's from New Zealand! Once again, New Zealanders prove they're brilliant. Look for her live perfomances on vimeo, she's breathtaking http://vimeo.com/14841035.


Kimbra was so nice and called me (!) to ask if she can use the fanart as a souvenir poster during her Australian Tour in 2012. And I wanted you to tell that she is uber cool!
This piece was also shown on All play, no work collective Polish illustration exhibition in Pigasus Gallery/Berlin.


Architektura Murator 7/2011

I've illustrated cover for one of the biggest Polish architect magazines Architektura Murator. This is my first cover for a magazine of that huge range. This year's covers theme is Architects and their work. Here - sport club Deski in Warsaw and it's creators.

Szklana pogoda / Posters for TV series

After a long time of silence, I'm posting again! In the meantime I got my BFA in Graphic Design. Here is the diploma project. It's a series of posters for western TV shows imported to Poland after collapse of People's Republic.

There were also illustrations and short descriptions for each poster. Examples here.


Marzec miesiącem konkursów

Lately I've participated in two graphic contests. I do not usualy do this, because I freak out every time when it comes to rivalry. But I was pretty bored.
In Crunchips' contest I won a prize of the week and got Nintendo Wii! Oh, and this is the neon-phase I'm trying at the moment.




Res Publica Nowa 11-12/2010

Illustrations for Res Publica Nowa quarterly. 

The Bookfacebook

This is my Bookfacebook. A project for the illustration class. It's inspired by Facebook's groups and fanpages. The subtitle of the book is Before there was Facebook I thought that I'm unique.

Every page is an illustration for a very quirky and personalized statements, which are at the same time the names of the Facebook fanpages. The idea was to point out in a funny way, how many people (thousands for every statement) are just as weird and unique as we are.


Facebook official page

Since now you can follow my illustrations on Facebook. My personal profile still works of course, but I wanted to keep illustration stuff in one place. Enjoy! facebook.com/Buchholc


Imię Róży / The Name of the Rose

Two projects of cover for Umberto Eco's novel The Name of the Rose. This project is a topic from Editorial Ilustration Workshop at Univeristy of Art in Poznań. I love designing book covers.


Beta versions: