mama's got perfect shoes

'No, you can't go out play with them, because they're vulgar wenches'


Oh, Karen!

My version of marvelous Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Watch them here! I love this song.

Whisky, please!


we don't like becky anymore

'Polish Christian tradition prescribes to celebrate the birth of Saviour by suffer'
- one more bite and I'm going to die


Roasted Chicken

Poznań -- the capital of Greater Poland Area, where I live at the moment. Picture is about Roasted Chickens' owner who didn't want to move his bussiness. They offered him money, but in the end developer had to leave the gap for the chicken stand between the shoping malls.


roots of evil

I'm trying to remember how to use pencils again. Back to the roots. It's great to have dirty hands! (sniff)
1st drawing slightly based on the foto from Sluggerville on deviantart.com